Travel to Chile: Tourism and Relocation Services for Every Budget

At Consult Chile, we strive to provide the best immigration and travel planning services to clients of every nationality. With Chile being one of the most advanced countries in South America, visitors love coming to discover its varied landscapes, unique culinary experiences, and warm hospitality. Rather than requiring you to choose from set travel packages, we formulate a customized travel plan for each client. We’ve traveled to many different places in Chile, from Arica in the north to Punta Arenas in the south, and are able to recommend the perfect destinations, whether you’re looking for a new place to call home, searching for adventure, or just wanting a relaxing break from the norm.

Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Researching cities/destinations to visit, to suit the client’s goals for the trip

  • Booking plane tickets

  • Booking bus tickets

  • Booking accommodation - hotel, hostel, campground, etc.

  • Arranging car rental

  • Advising on how to obtain a tourist visa, if applicable

  • Advising on how to renew tourist visa if necessary

  • Providing information on requirements and application process for international driver’s license

  • Translation services - document translation, translation during specific tours, general translation during transactions or business meetings, etc.

  • Making appointments with real estate agents, banks, government offices, etc.

  • Compiling information about destinations you want to visit in each city/region

  • Formulating a day-by-day itinerary to optimize appointments or travel goals

  • Arranging city tours, winery and brewery tours, hiking or boating tours, etc.

  • General consultation on how to prepare, what to bring, the best way to access your money as you travel, tips on how to get a temporary Chilean phone number, etc.

…..And more!

Here are some examples of our more popular travel packages, just to give you an idea of what we can do -

For the solo traveler or smaller group, who wants to experience as much as possible on a budget –

  • Searching for cites, national parks, etc. that offer the activities the client is looking for

  • Booking of plane tickets, bus tickets, and accommodation

  • Information packets on each destination, according to what the client is looking for – we will send you the addresses, opening hours, fees, and any other relevant info on museums, city and national parks, local markets, bike or boat rental companies, popular restaurants, etc.

  • General consultation via phone or email where you can get your questions answered, as well as troubleshooting during the trip if there is ever a problem with a reservation

For someone wanting to explore cities/regions to find the right place to relocate –

  • Researching ideal areas for relocation, based on discussions with the client

  • Compiling relevant information about the places the client wants to explore, such as typical cost of living, weather and climate patterns, population statistics, etc.

  • Booking of plane tickets, bus tickets or car rental, and accommodation

  • Scheduling appointments to view properties with real estate agents

  • Making all the necessary arrangements to legalize the lease or purchase

  • Translating during appointments and whenever necessary

  • Comprehensive consultation in-person, as well as via phone and email

For the couple who wants to relax, recharge, and enjoy the finer things –

  • Booking of plane tickets, car rental, and accommodation

  • Personal pickup at airport, with complimentary gift baskets of traditional Chilean snacks and beverages

  • City tour with snacks and beverages, stops at top-rated restaurants and specialty shops, and other destinations of interest

  • Making reservations at restaurants, wineries, breweries, and/or distilleries, spas, etc.

  • Arranging tours of historic wineries, breweries, and/or distilleries, museums, historical sites, etc.

  • Shuttling to and from destinations

  • Translating during tours, tastings, and whenever necessary

  • Comprehensive consultation in-person, as well as via phone and email

Since our travel planning packages are customizable, we’ve got something for every budget - any of the above packages can be tailored for your specific needs. If you’re thinking about taking a trip to Chile, you can go here to drop us a line—we’d love to help you with your next trip!

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