Pucon, Chile - A Tourism and Expat Hotspot

Pucon is a popular Chilean city situated in the eastern part of the Araucania region in Southern Chile. Well known for its adventure sports and natural hot springs, Pucon attracts tourists and expats from all over Chile as well as from all over the world. This ´´mountain style´´ city is situated on Lago Villarrica (a large, beautiful lake) and underneath the Volcan Villarrica, a well known volcano and ski resort. Activities that can be found in the Pucon area are skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, rafting, sport fishing, kayaking, hot springs, bird watching, and of course lots of shopping in the center of Pucon.


In total there are approximately 32,100 people in Pucon. Being such a popular spot for foreigners and expats, you will find expats from Peru, Bolivia, China, United States, Spain, Germany, Australia, Switzerland, England, and more. It is very common to here English and other languages spoken while walking down the street in Pucon.


Pucon has fairly warm summers with colder winters leaving snow on the mountains with the snow reaching lower levels occasionally. The yearly temperatures vary from 1 degree celcius to 37 degrees celcius in the summer however the summers average 20 degrees while winter averages stay around 5-10 degrees.

Natural Attractions

Near Pucon you can find many natural attractions such as national parks, hot springs, lakes, and volcanos.

-National Parks: Parque Nacional Villarrica, Parque Nacional Huerquehue, and Reserva Nacional Villarrica.

-Volcanos: Villarrica, Mocho or Quetrupillan, and Lanin

-Lakes: Villarrica, Caburgua, and Tinquilco

-Hot Springs: Palguin, Rio Blanco, Huife, Quimey-Co, Peumayen, Montevivo, Menetúe, San Luis, Trancura, and Los Pozones.


Pucon boasts a long main street with an endless number of stores, tourism agencies, and restaurants. For those who are interested in shopping rather than adventure tourism, Pucon has it all. Everything from clothes, hunting, sports, fishing, health food stores, alternative stores, chocolate shops, grocery stores, pharmacies, and everything in between.


Pucon also has a large selection of restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops to choose from. Many offer wild game such as wild hog and deer as well as traditional meats. You will find a larger selection of internationally influenced restaurnts than in other parts of Chile, however you still can find good, traditional Chilean food. Vegetarian options are also easy to find in Pucon.

´´La Poza´´

La Poza is an inlet on the Villarrica Lake where a large marina with sailboats and motor boats are located. Rows and rows of sailboats can seen and it is also a popular spot to take pictures with the picturesque views of the boats, mountains, volcano, and the lake.

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