Public Chilean Bathrooms and Toilets

There are three main things to know about Chilean toilets before visiting Chile.

#1: Bring your own toilet paper.

One of the big things about Chilean toilets is they do not usually offer toilet paper. You must bring your own. The average Chilean (guy or girl) is usually always carrying toilet paper in their pockets or purse. Luckily just about every store sells ´´pañuelos desechables´´ or tissues in English. You can find the being sold on the street, in markets, gas stations, grocery stores, etc. The cost about 150-300 pesos for a pack and they are generally heavy duty. They also sell boxes of 18 or more little packs, just in case you want to stock up.

#2: The toilet paper may be outside.

If places (usually malls, grocery stores, etc) offer toilet paper, then it may be located on the outside of the stalls in a communal dispenser. You will need to take the toilet paper before going into the stall.

#3: Paying for Toilets and Bathrooms.

There are often public bathrooms in shopping centers, markets, bus stations, malls, and also people houses, however you will need to pay. This covers the cost of the cleaning maintenance, toilet paper, water usage, etc. It is a fair trade off since the usually charge between 150-300 pesos and they provide a clean bathroom (usually) and toilet paper. Some places even offer showers you can pay for.

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