Panguipulli, Chile

Panguipulli is a popular adventure tourism hotspot for people from all over the world. With the close proximity to mountains, lakes, hot springs, and rivers, it is centrally located for all the hiking, back packing, boating, and adventures that you could want. With a population of only 32,000 people, it is the perfect place to relax while still having plenty of options in the town for restaurants, hotels, hostels, and more.

The quiet town has the feel and look of a clean, rustic, ski-resort town from the United States with all of the stores having rustic wood and cabin designs. Panguipulli has many restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, shopping outlets, and tourism centers to accommodate any tourist.

For people who are interested in moving to Panguipulli, it is an excellent city to retire as it is a very quiet town, even with tourism. The beautiful mountain scenery with the pristine lake attracts many well-off (maybe even famous) people and government officials. It is a prized location for summer retreats and cabins. In the town you will find plenty of places to buy your day-to-day items and groceries, however for specialized furniture, tools, and other specialty items, you will need to take a short trip to Valdivia or Osorno. Panguipulli has many outlets for sports and swimming and is home to a small, but very nice tennis and sports center.

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