Osorno, Chile

Osorno is a city in the Los Lagos region of Southern Chile. The population is approximately 145,000 people and the city is located 587 miles south of Santiago, the capital of Chile. Located near many famous national parks and the beautiful Volcan Osorno, the city acts as a “home base” for many tourists and is the main service center for agricultural and cattle farming in the Northern Los Lagos region. Osorno is surrounded by picturesque, rolling, grassy hills that are mostly farmed for dairy cattle, but if you go further to the east or north/east then you will find beautiful National Parks, volcanoes, and endless opportunities for hiking, skiing, and adventure sports.

Puyehue National Park

This National Park is the first on the list, because of its size and popularity. Puyehue National Park is the most visited national park in Chile and is home to thermal hotsprings, volcanoes, skiing, and endless hiking. The park is 220,000 acres and is divided into three main areas: Aguas Calientes, Anticura, and Antillanca. The most visited portion of the park is the Aguas Calientes as it is the center for lodging, public transport, and the thermal hotsprings. There are buses that run every hour leaving from Osorno at the Mercado Municipal and they go through Entre Lagos (another beautiful town situated on a large lake) and arrive at Aguas Calientes. The bus will drop you off at the tourist center that is within walking distance of the thermal hotsprings pool, cafeteria, and rangers station. Several hiking trails begin in this area as well. The trip costs 2200 pesos one way and takes about an hour and a half from Osorno.

Volcan Osorno

This is one of the most popular volcanoes in Chile and is one of the most historically active volcanoes in Chile (the current activity is very minor). The volcano is 8,701 feet tall and overlooks Llanquihue lake. For the adventurous people, you can take a guided hike to the top of the volcano, which is a ten hour round trip. If you want to climb it by yourself, then you must register with CONAF before beginning your climb.

Weather in Osorno

The weather in Osorno is mild with the average summer temperature being 64 degrees and the average winter temperature being 45 degrees. Osorno receives a good amount of rain with the average yearly rainfall being 52 inches a year. The wettest months are May-July and the summer months of December-February tend to be dry.

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