Parakeets in Chile

With Chile having 441 species of birds, it is no wonder they have something as exotic as parakeets! One abundant species of parakeet in Chile is the slender billed parakeet. These parakeets are endemic to the lower elevations of Chile. Their main range is as far north as Santiago all the way to Chiloe island. They spend most of the year in the temperate rain forests around Valdivia, but range out into the open farm land in the winter. These beautiful birds like to flock in large numbers and can be very noisy in early morning and late evening.

Although they are less common, Chile has four other species of parakeets. The least common of these species is the Burrowing Parrot. This parrot is commonly found in Argentina, but a small population is left in Chile. The coloration of this parrot consists of dark green mixed with grey and white markings.

The Austral parakeet the only parrot to have a range as far south as it does. This parrot does not go any further north than Temuco, but it can be found at Chile's southern tip. It closely resembles the slender billed parakeet in terms of coloration. Unlike the slender billed parakeet, they are usually in small flocks of only ten or fifeteen birds.

The third species of parakeet in Chile is the Monk parakeet. This is a species that was introduced all over the world. It is a species that is commonly kept as a pet. The Monk parakeet is a small, but very intelligent bird and can learn a large vocabulary when trained. The coloration of this small parrot is bright green upper parts, with a grey chest, and a small area on the tail with blue feathers.

The Mountain parakeet is the last species on this list. This species is endemic to Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Bolivia. The mountain parakeet is normally found is sub-tropical or tropical high-altitude shrubland. This the most beautiful parakeet in Chile with a mixture of bright green, blue, and bright yellow.

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