Step By Step Guides VS Full Service Relocation

Our step by step guides give you the freedom to complete the residency process or other tasks at your own pace. While they aren't full service relocation, they offer all the information and steps to make it easy to complete on your own without paying an expensive bill. When we tried to complete the process on our own and without a guide, we constantly ran into road blocks that took enormous amounts of time researching to find the answers. There are many information websites out there that list the steps to getting residency, but they all seem to leave out the important information such as how to do the steps they listed! Our step by step guides list every step and instructions for how to do each step plus more tips, resources, and other information.

Step By Step Guides VS Full Service Relocation

Consult Chile's step by step guides differ from full service relocation in that you handle all of the paperwork from start to finish with all the steps laid out for you, while most relocation companies have you collect, authenticate, and legalize all of your documents before handing it over to them. They usually only handle whatever needs to be done in Chile and give email or Skype support for the rest (sometimes). This is what happened when we moved to Chile and it was mostly a waste of money. We performed 90% of the work and the relocation company (a fairly large one) basically filled out the application and sent it in. We paid over $3000 for this service. For us it was a complete waste of money. Our relocation company actually got so many details mixed up and wrong, that we had to personally go to the Extranjeria office (immigration office) and the P.D.I (Investigations Police of Chile) and straighten things out. Although there are full service relocation companies that actually do most of the paperwork and help you through the steps, they are usually very expensive and out of most peoples budget. That is why we developed our affordable step by step guides that show you exactly what to do. Everything that we went through and have gathered from other people's experiences are compounded into one guide that includes everything that nobody told us on our move! Many details that are impossible/hard to find anywhere else online are included in our guides. The guides come with some email support if you need it, but most everything you will need is well covered. If you need more support, then we offer professional consulting. More information about our guides and services can be found HERE.

Benefits of doing the temporary residency process yourself:

There are many benefits to applying for temporary residency in Chile on your own or on your own with guidance.

One benefit of doing the residency process on your own with a step by step guide is that you are in charge while still having guidance. This may seem like a downfall to some people, but when you handle the residency process on your own with guidance, you know exactly what is going on. All the details are at your finger tips. With or without a relocation company, you are ultimately responsible for any legal mistakes made. If something terrible goes wrong you cannot say "my relocation company did that". You will have to get yourself out of any mess relocation companies cause. In our case, the people we hired when we moved to Chile put their address instead of our address. This was a big no-no in the residency and Extranjeria world. Luckily the Extranjeria officials we dealt with were very cooperative and friendly and helped us out. Not saying all relocation companies will get you into bad situations, but when you handle your own paperwork you know exactly what is going on and what details are submitted with the application. Another benefit is you can complete the process at your own pace. With all of the information and steps in front of you, there will be no meetings to attend, no scheduled phone calls, no deadlines to submit paperwork to relocation companies, etc. This for some people relieves a lot of stress. Another stress reliever is the low cost of completing the process on your own. While the step by step guides do cost some, they are often a fraction of the cost of a full service relocation company. This means more money to put towards moving expenses or a fun trip in Chile!

Interested in moving to Chile or need help with the residency application process? Visit Our Services for more information or Contact Us.

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