FAQ: How easy is it to ship household items to Chile?

This is not one of the easier processes in moving to Chile. One must consider the different options available, such as air cargo and sea cargo. Moving household items to Chile requires an approved residency visa to be able to bring the items in without paying tax on it. If you don't have residency in Chile, then you will pay a fairly high tax on your stuff. Many people arrange movers before leaving for Chile, then once their residency visa is approved, they have the moving company ship it down to Chile. This is the easiest way to go about the process. It is recommended that you hire a customs agent for when you pick your container of household items up from the port.

Another option to consider, that may only be possible for some, is selling all your belongings except what you can take in suitcases and buy what you need when you get to Chile. Depending on your situation, this could save thousands of dollars by not using a moving company.

For more information on residency and moving to Chile, visit our Services page or Contact Us.

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