Is Chile welcoming to foreigners?

Many people wonder if they will even be granted temporary residency or permanent residency once they go through the process to apply. Well, the good news is, Chile is very welcoming to foreigners and their investments. Especially if you are doing something to benefit the country's economy. Unless you have no education, no periodic income, no investments, no assets, no way to support yourself, and no plan for after you arrive in Chile, then you shouldn't have too big of a problem getting granted temporary residency in Chile. One thing the Chile officials (Extranjeria) do like are people who can support themselves and help the economy in Chile. Although there is no way of knowing for sure if you will be granted temporary residency, there shouldn't be any issue getting the visa if you can show that you can support yourself and/or benefit the Chile economy.

In 2005 Chile granted approximately 1600 temporary residency or residency visas for United States Citizens and 38,000 visas for citizens of other countries.

The total number of visas granted from 2003 to 2005 is approximately 100,000 temporary residency or permanent residency visas. For more immigration statistics visit:

Another way that Chile shows it is welcoming to foreigners, is its relatively new program called Start-Up Chile. This is a program that offers up to $40,000 in equity free money to new start up businesses, businesses that are less than three years old, or business ideas. This is an excellent program for anyone who is interested in starting a business in Chile. For more information on Start-Up Chile visit

From my experience, the general Chilean population is very welcoming towards foreigners. They always try to help whenever they can and they are very friendly.

If you are interested in moving to Chile or would like some more information on temporary residency in Chile then visit Our Services page. We offer professional consulting to anyone who would like to learn more about Chile or about moving to Chile and the residency process. For more general information on why Chile is a good country to move to, then vist our Why Move to Chile page.

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