Tourism Services & Tours

Consult Chile offers a wide range of tourism services and private tours.  We offer services such as accomodation booking, trip planning, transportation arrangment, adventure tourism bookings, private city tours, nature/national park tours, and anything else that could make a memorable trip to Chile.

Exploratory Trips


Consult Chile offers professional planning and guiding of custom exploratory trips for people interested in moving to Chile.  We can help with the arranging of hotels, plane tickets, bus tickets, city suggestions, cell phone purchases, and anything else you may need to explore Chile.  This is a perfect way to explore Chile to see if the country is a good fit for you and your family.  Exploratory trips are 100% customizable and we will plan each trip based on your unique situation and needs.  Whether it is a fully guided, one week trip or a self guided trip for three months, Consult Chile can help.  For inquiries please Contact Us.


Full Service Relocation and Residency Applications


For those who are not ready to handle the residency or other relocation tasks on their own, Consult Chile offers a wide range of relocation services for people from all over the world or for those who are already in Chile, but would like further assistance.  Even though we are based out of Valdivia, our services are good for the entire country of Chile.  Services includes full services residency applications, home search, school search, RUT card assistance, area orientation, car purchases, Chilean drivers license, and most any other services you may need.


Consulting Services


An alternative or good addition to the guides is our professional consulting service.  We offer consulting for just about anything that is related to expats and expat families moving to Chile.  Whether its just a few questions or complete guidance throughout the residency process and your move, we can help.  Consult Chile can help with many other necessities such as finding an english speaking lawyer, accountant, or realtor.  We can also help with providing information on how to obtain RUT numbers, where to get carnets (national ID card), where to find/buy supplies, information on the best mailing options, etc.  To schedule a consultation Contact Us.

Easy Pet Relocation Packages


This is a step by step guide similar to our residency guides, but they are for your dogs, cats, or ferrets.  This includes detailed steps of what paperwork you will need and where to get it, what shots your pets will require,  information on international health certificates, retrieving your pet from customs in Chile without a customs agent, airline suggestions, information on deadlines, frequently asked questions, commonly used terms, selecting the right kennel size, and many more details that will make it easy for you to bring your pet to Chile without hiring an expensive customs agent.   This easy guide is laid out with each step from the first thing you will need to do all the way to picking your pet up in Chile.    

Step By Step Residency Packages


Our easy step by step residency guides will guide you through the process of obtaining a temporary residency visas in Chile.  Each guide has detailed information with an easy to follow format that outlines how to do each step within the residency process.  You will find details such as important addresses, tips, commonly used terms, references, spanish words you will have to use, contact information, frequently asked questions, and many other details that no one seems to warm you about!