Chile Residency Guide


Guide for Obtaining Temporary Residency in Chile with email support:

An alternative to expensive, full service relocation companies, which can easily run over thousands of dollars, is our continuously updated, 38-page residency package to obtaining temporary residency visas in Chile.  This covers not just one person, but covers entire families for a much lower cost!  This guide covers most visa types except student visas.  Every step of the process is laid out in an easy-to-follow format with instructions on how to perform each step. No previous knowledge of Spanish is necessary with the help of this guide. Included with this residency package is email support with up to ten total emails (5 received, 5 sent) of any length for any questions that might arise during the residency process.  This guide is delivered via email.


Temporary residency visas that are covered in this guide are:

-Retired and Financier Visas (periodic income)

-Investor and Merchant Visas

-Professionals and Technicians

-Non-Professional Visas

-Remunerated Overseas

-Journalists and Photographers

-Media Correspondents


Topics that are covered include:

-Commonly used terms

-Essential Spanish phrases

-Frequently asked questions

-Important addresses that you will need

-How to apostille your documents

-Selecting the proper visa for your situation

-Useful tips

-Proof of income

-How to obtain the proper documents

-What to do after arriving in Chile

-How to send in the application in English

-Resources in English and Spanish

-and more!



Below are a few segments of excerpts from the guide:


"Investors and Merchant Visa:


You should apply for this visa if

-You have a project, activity, or line of business idea in the works with approximate capital, number of employees, geographical location etc.

-Or you have a project, activity, or business that is already established and you are wanting to move it to Chile."



"Step 1 - Obtain All Documents Needed in the U.S.A – Independent



-(a) Birth Certificates

Each independent will need two CERTIFIED COPIES of their birth certificate issued within the last 10years. These are sent off with the residency application and you will not get them back. If you will need your birth certificate for something else, then now is a good time to order extra copies."


"How to obtain CERTIFIED COPIES of your birth certificate."


"*Note: If you live near the secretary of states office, then you can take the document in person and avoid the mailing process. This is a faster route than mailing it in for those who are on a time crunch. For this process you will just show up (some offices require setting an appointment) and then wait in line for your turn. They will take the document and authenticate it right on the spot, then hand it back to you"



Commonly Used Terms:



These are the people that are responsible for processing your application. In spanish, the office is called “departamento de extranjeria y migracion”. They handle almost anything related to immigration.


Tourist Visa: This is the 90 day visa you receive when you enter the country. It does not give you any residency rights. It only allows you to stay in the country for 90 days as a tourist.


Temporary Residency Visa: This is a visa (the one you will be applying for) that allows you to be a temporary resident for one year. After it expires you must leave the country or apply for permanent residency. You must apply for the temporary residency before you can apply for the permanent residency.


Permanent Residency Visa: This comes after the temporary visa. It allows you to stay in the country for five years. After that, you must apply for citizenship or dual citizenship."