Step-By-Step Pet Relocation Packages

Step-By-Step Guide for Relocating Cats and Dogs to Chile - For Pets Not Traveling In-Cabin

This is a complete, continuously updated, 14-page, step-by-step packet for relocating cats and dogs to Chile.  This guide includes every step required from selecting a kennel, health requirements, booking the flight, dropping your pet off, getting your pet from customs in Chile, and more.  Getting your pet through customs without hiring a customs agent can be a tricky task, especially when everybody speaks Spanish!  This step-by-step guide list instructions for every step required when picking your pet up from the Santiago Airport, including the Aduanas office, cargo office, SAG office, and everything in-between.  The guide also includes easy access to all of the printable forms that you will need throughout the process of moving a dog or cat to Chile.  It is laid out in an easy-to-read format that is split up into seven steps with thorough instructions for each step.  The guide will be delivered to you via email.  This pet relocation package also comes with 10 total emails (5 received - 5 sent) for any questions that you may have during the process of moving your pet to Chile!  *Note - This guide is for pets not traveling in-cabin.  Sometimes small dogs and cats will be allowed to travel in-cabin on certain airlines.  The rest of the pets will be traveling via cargo or checked baggage/pet travel program.


In this complete packet, you will find:


-Frequently asked questions

-Commonly used terms

-Important offices: maps and addresses

-Phone numbers and contact information

-Tips and suggestions

-Selecting the right sized, airline-approved kennel

-Buying the necessary accessories

-Official regulations

-Required vaccines and health certificates

-Proper identification

-Booking your pet's flight

-Choosing an airline

-Preparing for the flight

-What to do on the day of departure

-Dropping your pet off

-How to arrange for overnight boarding at the airport

-Using a customs broker vs picking your pet up yourself

-Properly filling out paperwork

-References and website links

-Easy access to all of the printable forms that will be required

-And more!


Table of Contents:


Tips and Suggestions

Commonly Used Terms

Buy a Kennel and Supplies

Required Veterinary Care and Identification

Getting Your USDA Form Stamped

Book Your Pet's Flight

Preparing For the Flight

Day of Departure

Picking Your Pet up From the SCL Airport




Feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions regarding our guide to relocating dogs or cats to Chile