Exploratory Trips for Chile

Consult Chile offers professionally arranged exploratory trips for people interested in moving to Chile.  This is an excellent way to determine if Chile is the right country for you. With an exploratory trip with Consult Chile, we will ask various questions to determine which parts of Chile will best suit you (unless you have regions already in mind) and create an exploratory trip based on the needs of you and your family. Exploratory trips can be arranged as accompanied/guided trips or unaccompanied trips.  Our trips are on case-by-case basis and are 100% customizable to fit exactly what you are looking for. 


Below is a list of what we can help you with:


Hotel, Hostel, Apartment, or Full Home Rental/Booking

Car Rental

Trip Suggestions

City Suggestions

Itinerary Planning

Recreational and Outdoor Activity Planning and Booking

Flight Booking

Bus Ticket Purchases

Maps, Directions, and info

And More


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