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About Us


Consult Chile is owned and operated by expats from the United States.  We are from Texas, and we decided to uproot our well-developed life in search of a more stable country.  Before moving, we had never even visited Chile or South America at all.  Our entire family of seven people and six dogs just uprooted and moved.  Since then, we have never looked back or regretted our decision.  We waded through the paperwork and residency processes mostly on our own, even though we hired a Chilean-run relocation company (which didn't turn out well).  After settling in Chile, we decided to fully dive into the rules, regulations, and red tape; and learn the processes to help others relocate and obtain residency in Chile.  After hundreds of hours of research, talking with the Extrenjeria, Aduanas (customs agents), and other relocation and residency information sources, we have developed step-by-step relocation packages and do-it-yourself residency guides for you and your pets.  In addition to these packages we also offer guided/un-guided exploratory trips, tourism trips, trip planning, city tours, winery tours, brewery tours, accomodation booking, consulting, residency applications, relocation services, pet relocation, and any other service you may need to successfully relocate to or visit Chile as a tourist. 


Our experience with a Chilean operated relocation company did not work out well, since the employees had never been through the residency process before and only knew "the written rules".  They did not have the experience that a true expat would have.  What makes our services stand out, is that we have actually gone through the processes and red tape for the services that we offer, since we are expats that have experienced the process before.  We have gained knowledge from our mistakes and successes, and can prevent future clients from making typical expat mistakes.  In addition, we have gained a collection of amazing resources to make a memorable tourism trip, even if you are not interested in moving to Chile.

Our Step By Step Relocation Packages

Our step by step packages give you the freedom to complete the residency process or other tasks at your own pace.  While they aren't full service relocation, they offer all the information and steps to make it easy to complete on your own without paying an expensive bill.  When we tried to complete the process on our own and without a guide, we constantly ran into road blocks that took enormous amounts of time researching to find the answers.  There are many information websites out there that list the steps to getting residency, but they all seem to leave out the important information - such as how to do the steps they listed!  Our step-by-step guides list every step, with instructions for how to do each step; plus more tips, resources, and other information.  Each relocation and residency package comes with personal email support to make the residency process easier.

Consult Chile's Full Service Relocation

For those who do not have the time to handle the residency process on their own, or would like someone to handle it for them, Consult Chile offers full service relocation. Our full service relocation and residency applications are completely customizable to your situation, and we can help as little or as much as you may need. Our relocation services are for the entire country of Chile, so no matter where you decide to move, we can help. We can offer help with area orientation tours, home search, school search, car purchases, driver’s license assistance, and full service residency applications.  For more information on our relocation services, please Contact Us.

Step By Step Guides VS Full Service Relocation

Consult Chile's step-by-step guides differ from full service relocation in that you handle all of the paperwork from start to finish, with all the steps laid out for you; instead of assistance with the submission process and legalization steps required in Chile. We developed our affordable step-by-step guides, which show you exactly what to do; for people who would like to tackle the residency process on their own.  Everything that we went through, and have gathered from other people's experiences, are compiled into one guide that includes everything that nobody told us on our move!  Many details that are impossible/hard to find anywhere else online are included in our guides. The guides come with some email support if you need it, but most everything you will need is well covered.  If you need more support, then we offer professional consulting.  For those who would like assistance with the residency process or other relocation services, we offer varying levels of full service relocation.

Why Move to Chile?

As of 2014, there are 8.7 million non-military, United States citizens living abroad. 10,000 of them are living in Chile. You may be wondering what is so great about moving to another country, and why Chile? For some it is the incredible mountains, clean oceans, fresh fish, unlimited hiking, clear trout streams, excellent food, and cheap cost of living; while for others it is the opportunity for business, freedom, and a great economy. Chile ranks number seven in the world for economic freedom; one spot higher than the United States. The only difference is that Chile's score is rising, while the United States ranking score has been steadily declining; according to the most recent Heritage Foundation Scale survey. Also, according to the Forbes "Best Country for Business" list, Chile ranks number one in the world for personal freedom. With the crime and drug use rate being lower than the United States, it makes an excellent country even for expat families with children. For more detailed information on why you should move to Chile, visit our Why Chile? page.

Is Chile a First or Third World Country?

When people think of South American countries, they often think of over-populated, unsanitary, third-world countries.  This is not the case with Chile.  Chile is classified as a first world country and has a low population of only 17 million people.  The country has clean, sanitary water, good electricity, good roads, excellent healthcare, and all the other "comforts" of a first world country.  We have found that Chile has the best qualities of both third world and first world countries.