Professional Consulting
Professional Consulting For Your Move To Chile

Consult Chile offers professional consultations for anything related to expats wanting to move to Chile. This is a good addition to our residency guide for people who have additional questions, or for anybody who needs assistance on their move to Chile.  Consult Chile can help with the following matters:


-Temporary Residency Visas

-Permanent Residency Visas


-Residency Renewal

-Student Visas

-Tourist Visas

-Pet Relocation and Questions

-Carnets (national ID cards)

-Chilean Drivers License

-RUT Numbers

-English-Speaking Lawyers, Accountants, Realtors, and other resources

-Chilean Mailing Systems and Bus Mailing

-Mailing Internationally

-Suggestions for Buying/Finding Specific Supplies and Products

-Ordering Online in Chile

-Buying Cars



-General Questions

-And more!

Types of Consulting We Offer:

By Email

We offer consulting and long distance services by email for those who have questions and concerns about Chile that they would like to discuss.  This is a great option for sending lists of questions to be answered in a timely manner.

Instant Message

For people who would like to schedule a time to reserve to instant message with us and ask any questions that you may have about Chile. This can be done over WhatsApp or Google Chat.

Phone Call

A WhatsApp call session can be reserved in advance. 30, 60, and 120 minute options.